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Kristin Jackson

24 April 2024

32m 1s

The Truth About Vaginal Itching and Irritation



Vaginal and vulvar itching can have various causes beyond just yeast infections. Understanding the anatomy of these areas is crucial in determining the source of the irritation. Today's podcast looks at the many causes of itching:
  • Learn the proper anatomy of the vulva and vagina
  • Understand both vaginal and vulvar yeast infections and how they present with different symptoms
  • What's new in the treatment of yeast infections
  • Atrophy as a cause of vulvar itching
  • What is lichen sclerosis and how is it managed
  • How lichen planus presents and is treated
  • Proper hygiene and care of the vagina and vulva
Delve into the diverse causes of vaginal and vulvar itching; it's NOT just a yeast infection.
Key moments in this episode are:
00:30 Where does it itch?  Learning the anatomy
02:05 Taking a tour of your own vulva
04:23 Vaginal yeast infections
05:19 Vulvar yeast infections
06:17 Do you always need to treat a yeast infection?
06:45 Recurrent yeast infections
08:54 New medications for yeast on the market
10:00 Can men get genital yeast infections?
11:00 Vulvovaginal atrophy
12:09 Lichen sclerosis
14:43 Medication to treat lichen sclerosis
16:20 Procedures to treat lichen sclerosis
18:09 Surgery for lichen sclerosis
19:34 Vulvar cancer
20:58 Lichen planus
23:12 Treatment for lichen planus
24:34 Vaginal and vulvar self care
26:13 Exfoliation of the vulva
27:20 Home remedies to alleviate itching
28:35 Vulvar care in patient with incontinence
Learn more about microneedling for lichen sclerosis here:
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