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Kristin Jackson

01 May 2024

24m 29s

Removing Obstacles to an Amazing Orgasm: A Guide for Women



Many women face various obstacles when it comes to experiencing an amazing orgasm. From struggling to reach orgasm to feeling unsatisfied with the intensity of their orgasms, there are several barriers that can hinder sexual satisfaction. In this episode, we explore:
  • The analogy of a waterfall, and how boulders get in the way of a fantastic orgasm
  • Common challenges to reaching orgasm
  • Causes of pain during orgasm
  • Treating dryness and atrophy
  • High tone pelvic floor disorder
  • Evaluating for vulvodynia
  • How low libido diminishes orgasm
  • When you cannot reach orgasm with penetration alone
  • Enhancing the sensitivity of the vagina
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor for intense contractions
  • Psychosocial factors that interfere with pleasure
By uncovering and removing these obstacles, women can enhance their sexual satisfaction and experience more fulfilling orgasms.
Key moments in this episode are:
 01:05 Understanding the waterfall analogy
02:17 Pain during intercourse
02:57 Our favorite vaginal lubricant
03:55 Treating vaginal atrophy
04:58 Hypertonic pelvic floor muscles
06:09 Treatment for a tight pelvic floor
07:02 Understanding vulvodynia
07:47 Causes of deep penetration pain
09:54 Lack of libido leading to orgasm issues
10:17 Effects of low testosterone
11:00 Other medications to improve female libido
13:37 Medications that may be zapping your libido
13:56 Improving the strength of an orgasm
14:50 How to build pelvic floor muscle strength
15:53 When clitoral stimulation just isn't doing the job
17:10 What if you cannot reach orgasm with vaginal penetration alone?
18:37 Using PRP to improve sensitivity
20:04 Feeling too loose or desensitized
20:41 Building vaginal collagen
22:18 Removing psychosocial barriers to orgasm
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