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Kristin Jackson

15 May 2024

20m 9s

A Woman's Guide to Male Sexual Health



Today's podcast episode explores the top five things women should know about their male partner's sexual health and provides crucial information for women on how to support their male partners.  Tune in to learn:
  • What is erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Vascular causes of ED
  • Neurogenic causes of ED
  • Hormonal causes of ED
  • Treatment options for ED
  • Premature ejaculation and treatment strategies
  • Impact of prostate cancer on sexual health
Empower yourself with knowledge and discover how you can be a pivotal support system for your partner's sexual well-being by tuning in to this enlightening conversation
Key moments in this episode are:
00:24 Intro to erectile dysfunction
00:49 How an erection happens
01:40 Vascular issues causing ED
02:04 Association of ED with cardiovascular disease
03:27 Nerve issues causing ED
04:03 Parasympathetic nerve stimulation for sexual arousal
05:34 Hormonal causes of ED
06:57 First thing women need to know about mens' sexual health
07:36 Medications that can lead to ED
08:12 Medications to treat ED
09:45 Second thing women need to know about mens' sexual health
10:25 Non-medication options to treat ED
12:20 Premature ejaculation
13:25 Treatment options for premature ejaculation
15:14 Third thing women need to know about mens sexual health
15:26 Fourth thing women need to know about mens' sexual health
15:35 Prostate cancer
16:46 Treatments for sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer
17:27 Fifth thing women need to know about mens' sexual health
And find tons of information at the Sexual Medicine Society of North America here:
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